On March 24, 2019, #8 was raised to the rafters.

Jersey Retirement

2019 Naismith Hall of Fame Finalist

Naismith Hall of Fame Nomination




After his playing career, Johnson became no stranger to the big screen, he acted in many films such as White Men Can’t Jump, Blue Chips, Speechless and Forget Paris. On the TV screen, Johnson appeared in a myriad of shows including Castle, Boston Legal, Moonlight, LA Law, A Different World, Hanging With Mr. Cooper and The Sinbad Show. Johnson continues to put his Theater Arts major to use by writing screenplays and short stories under his own production company, Point Forward Productions.


Through inspiration and a touch of humor, Marques lifts up any audience with encouraging messages around motivation, leadership, overcoming adversity, life choices, challenges of being a professional athlete, careers in sports, and performing arts. Marques highlights the importance of staying in the moment, staying present, but also with the idea of making the absolute most out of that moment, however big or small we perceive it to be.