Through inspiration and a touch of humor, Marques lifts up any audience with encouraging messages around motivation, leadership, overcoming adversity, life choices, challenges of being a professional athlete, careers in sports, and performing arts. Marques highlights the importance of staying in the moment, staying present, but also with the idea of making the absolute most out of that moment, however big or small we perceive it to be.

Potential speaking topics include:

The Wooden Effect; not many can share the knowledge, wisdom and leadership obtained by legendary coach, John Wooden. As the first ever Wooden Award winner, Marques offers fruitful story telling and insights from his experience with Coach Wooden.

Motivational; using negative experiences to make a positive point

Careers in Sports; breaking into broadcasting

Professional Athletes; life as a famed athlete, transition to businessman, and life choices

Life Choices; how they can be used to underscore a variety of topics

Overcoming tragedy; from growing up in south central Los Angeles to coping with the death of his young son, Marques speaks to adversity like no other

Youth; Marques’s passion for youth exemplified through self made mentorship programs

Film and Television; 30 plus years as a professionally trained actor; Writer and Producer